Game Ready/Squid Vasopneumatic Therapy

These systems utilize a cold pack or cycled cold water through a compressive sleeve to treat the effected region of the body via cryotherapy. As this cold treatment is delivered to the effected site, the sleeve rhythmically inflates and deflates to assist in “massaging” the inflammation from the affected area. Thus, you get both compressive therapy and cryotherapy at the same time. This is an excellent treatment for highly acute injuries and for post-surgical patients that display a significant effusion about the effected tissues. These treatments have affectionately become known in our clinic as the “Freeze & Squeeze”.

These are the most common treatment types:

We treat ages 8 to 100 years of age for orthopedic injuries acute, chronic, repetitive, and post surgical. Regardless of your age or type of injury physical therapy will facilitate and accelerate your recovery!