Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic Ultrasound is a deep thermal modality that allows the therapist to target increased temperature and cellular activity at a deeper level than could be attained via topical thermal applications. It accomplishes this by providing a sound wave that penetrates deep into the tissue and creates a vibration/cavitation of the cells and tissues resulting in friction and ultimately increased temperature. This increased temperature results in increased pliability of the targeted tissues, improved circulation, increased nutrients to the affected area, and reduced overall discomfort. Ultrasound is a very proven and useful modality that can be used in a variety of orthopaedic conditions. Utilizing the ultrasound’s ability to permeate tissues can be coupled with an anti-inflammatory medication applied to the skin in order to deliver that medication to the affected area. This is known as phonophoresis and is useful for conditions in which the targeted tissue is not too deeply located.

These are the most common treatment types:

We treat ages 8 to 100 years of age for orthopedic injuries acute, chronic, repetitive, and post surgical. Regardless of your age or type of injury physical therapy will facilitate and accelerate your recovery!