Hip Pain

The hip joint and surrounding musculature is crucial to human movement as it is the largest weight bearing joint and is responsible for connecting our axial skeleton to our lower extremities. There are several structures about the hip that may result in dysfunction including the fluid filled sacs called “bursae” that are located throughout the human body at locations where musculature passes over bony surfaces. These bursa can become especially problematic and painful around the hip if they become inflamed. Further, the large number of large and strong muscles surrounding the hip joint coupled with the large range of motion at this joint makes it a common region for contractile overload in sports and tissue dysfunction from limited activity. There are also ligaments and a labrum at the hip joint that can also become problematic. Many individuals also suffer from lower back pain due to their hip dysfunction. Symptoms of hip pathology include:

A careful examination of your spine along with a detailed history will help the therapist identify the source of your symptoms and you will then be educated as to the nature of your condition and the appropriate steps to attain resolution of your condition as well as prevent future difficulties.

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