Back and Neck Pain

Current data indicates that approximately 80% of the population in the United States will seek out medical treatment for a spinal pathology at some point in their life. This is not really that surprising when you take into account that the spine is made up of 25 articulating surfaces (joints) that are weight bearing in nature. Thus, by pure probability of involvement due to the number of joints, it’s easy to see why it results as a common source of discomfort for the general population. Couple this with the forward flexed nature of our lives, and it’s easy to see how these structures can easily become overloaded. Further, the spinal column is made up of a specialized joint utilizing the intervetebral disc to both connect the vertebrae and add a shock absorbing quality to the spine as well as two facet joints at each level. Epidemiologic studies demonstrate that approximately 80% of all spinal pathology involves the intervertebral disc in some form or fashion. Meanwhile, the facets joints, which may account for an additional 15% of spinal pathology, are typical the location where osteoarthritis of the spine (known as spondylosis) occurs. Both of these structures lie immediately adjacent to the nerve roots as they exit the spinal column and can cause either direct pressure or an inflammatory process that result in irritation of the nerve roots. Thus, symptoms of spinal pathology can include:

A careful examination of your spine along with a detailed history will help the therapist identify the source of your symptoms and you will then be educated as to the nature of your condition and the appropriate steps to attain resolution of your condition as well as prevent future difficulties.

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