Balance and Gait Training

As we age the risk of falling and the subsequent health complications associated in the aftermath can account for marked interruptions in our way of life and is noted as a serious injury/risk for seniors. These instability and weakness into the lower extremities as well as a reduction in overall proprioception as we age increases this risk significantly. To reduce this risk the physical therapist can facilitate increased lower extremity and core strength, improved proprioception, and normalized gait. This allows the patient to gain confidence in their level of ambulation and ultimately gain increased independence.

The therapist will evaluate your presentation and determine the exact source of the instability and gait deviation and assist in directing a plan to improve your function.

We treat ages 8 to 100 years of age for orthopedic injuries acute, chronic, repetitive, and post surgical. Regardless of your age or type of injury physical therapy will facilitate and accelerate your recovery!