Dry Needling

Dry needling is the process of utilizing solid filiform needles to a section of the body to reduce muscular pain, joint pain, ligament pain, or tendon discomfort. It is an invasive procedure in which an acupuncture needle is inserted to a specific targeted tissue to improve function and/or reduce pain. Although this process may look similar to acupuncture it is not the same. Acupuncture will target a patient’s meridian system in the body to achieve a desired effect that may or may not be in proximity to the effected region of the body. With dry needling the goal is to affect the effected tissues and surrounding regions by mechanical distortion of the overlying fascia. The needles have both an immediate effect of disruption of any adhered/scared regions as well as a more diffuse secondary effect by which the needle stimulates reflexive chemical mediators to the region that help reduce inflammation and discomfort as well as assisting in tissue repair. It is a powerful tool and current research continues to display positive uses for this treatment in orthopaedic conditions.

These are the most common treatment types:

We treat ages 8 to 100 years of age for orthopedic injuries acute, chronic, repetitive, and post surgical. Regardless of your age or type of injury physical therapy will facilitate and accelerate your recovery!